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We understand that IT in general and in particular digitization initiatives hinge on bigger picture thinking and different dimensions. Our competency is inherent in the combination of technological know-how and experience with the successful completion of projects, including integration projects, in particular in the sectors transportation, healthcare, telecommunications and retail.  

For this reason, all of our employees are experienced and highly qualified. They all look back on at least 10 years of professional experience at MGR Integration Solutions. Project management and service management certifications, such as Prince2, PMI, Scrum and ITIL are established standards, as are product specific certifications. We are particularly proud that we hold the KRITIS testing process competency certification pursuant to IT-SiG 2.0. To be able to delivery optimum solutions to our clientele, we work closely with the manufacturers of the products we use. Among them are the TIBCO Software Inc., Axway GmbH and Oracle Corp. (BEA Systems Inc.).

Working at MGR

We provide our team with a well-organized working environment, challenging and exciting assignments and the technical toolboxes they need to keep their know-how up-to-date. We pay fair compensation for their services. In return, we expect our staff to excel more than other companies, simply because we also want to offer these qualities to our customers: the added value that makes the difference. At the same time, our hierarchies are flat and we interact eye-to-eye with everyone.

After all, we anticipate that every employee is able to contribute to the development of the enterprise and enjoys the work, the sophisticated tools and the challenging assignments at MGR Integration Solutions. Based on our virtual infrastructure and respective project agreements, we make it possible to work flexibly no matter the location. At the same time, we keep our employees’ travel times at a minimum and thus ensure that our work environment is also family-friendly. 

Positioning of Our Staff

Our team is our greatest asset – ultimately it is even more important than the customer. It is constituted of highly qualified expert we expect to deliver effective and qualitatively exacting results. Hence, we pay wages that are well above the industry average. Simultaneously we expect that they work autonomously even in a challenging customer environment and deliver extraordinary results.  

Efficient structures and our colleagues’ expertise guarantee the success of all projects and generate a decisive advantage in the implementation of our sophisticated development strategy.

The Team Rules

Our teams work and strive to deliver excellent solutions. Everyone contributes the best ideas, yet still has to live with the fact that a coworker might have an even better idea. The best option wins and decisions are consistently made based on the demands of our customers. Ideas are great if everyone claims and believes that he or she is the originator of the idea.