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Responsibility-driven growth

MGR has been building complex systems for 20 years. Over the course of these two decades, technologies, paradigms and processes have gone through an immense evolution. However, the key factors that make projects successful have not changed: a competent and committed team is what it takes.

Railwayforum 2021

This year, MGR Integration Solutions will once again participate in the partner tradeshow DB Railwayforum, presenting exciting topics and ideas.

"Bahnpraxis" article

The FPLO-DB facilitates the daily work of the DB Netz AG dispatchers significantly.
Read more here (Archive BahnPraxis B) or download the PDF BahnpraxisB_01_2021


As proven IT experts, MGR Integration Solutions accompanies its customers through all project phases – starting with the original ideo to the implementation and testing in lifecycle management.


We deliver solutions that work


Our customers make sure that the world keeps turning. We build te systems our customers count on. All of it hinges on partnership-based cooperation, transparency and trust. It makes us extremely proud to join forces with you to create and operate sophisticated IT solutions that are of critical importance for the organization of society. 




Thanks to the close cooperation with reliable partners that has sustained throughout many years, we are in a position to offer the dependable services our customers expect and demand. 


Joining forces to shape the future


How can we help you?
Do you have questions, do you need a custom-tailored quote for an assignment, are you in the market for a long term partner that handles topics and projects or are you eager to take on a new professional challenge? If so, reach out to us today. 


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