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MGR Integration Solutions was established as a spin-off in 2001 in conjunction with the enterprise application integration program of mobile phone operator E-Plus in Düsseldorf, Germany. In partnership with its subsidiary in Hünenberg, Switzerland, which was founded in 2006 and its Polish dependance in Bydgoszcz in 2011, the enterprise established important factors that contribute to its success today.  A team of 60 that now makes up our enterprise, works hard to attain the ultimate goal, which is to provide the best possible services to our clientele. The team consists exclusively of highly qualified IT specialists and possesses outstanding expertise in the sectors of transportation, healthcare, IT and telecommunications as well as retail and manufacturing. Our customers have been relying on our concise approach and processes for 20 years.


In service and process oriented integration we integrate what belongs together. Considering the technologies we deploy and the software infrastructure we use, we have established ourselves as a state of the art enterprise. Instead of merely offering our customers services, we deliver optimum results that work. At MGR Integration Solutions, we are committed solution experts. This means: we move forward no matter how complicated things get. We embrace the challenges, and they drive us. From the start and throughout our cooperation with our clientele, we support customers with advice and recommendations as a competent team of experts. In conjunction with this we implement concise concepts successfully in systems, processes and organizations. We are convinced that our implemented systems will satisfy your needs and offer our customers true added value. We vouch for our services and will not quit until the system is fully operational and even then we go the extra mile for our customers. Focused on future results, we place the highest emphasis on optimization processes within our own company to be able to continue to offer solution options that meet our own standards of perfection.

The 3 Dimensions of Success 

  • In the interest of our clientele, we always strive for optimum results. To achieve this, we implement services based on sustainability and effectiveness. We collaborate closely with our principals to attain success and accompany them throughout the entire process. 
  • The wellbeing of our staff is one of our absolute priorities. We want our employees to consider MGR Integration Solutions more than merely an employer. To attain the best possible results, we bet on work processes that allow for plenty of leeway when it comes to their personal lives. 
  • Our economic success is the foundation of sustainable management and we can attribute this to our high level of organization, efficient structures and professional expertise. These are the deciding factors that guarantee the success of projects as well as profitable and cost effective action. To that end, we are one critical step ahead of our competition.


How can we help you?
Do you have questions, do you need a custom-tailored quote for an assignment, are you in the market for a long term partner that handles topics and projects or are you eager to take on a new professional challenge? If so, reach out to us today. 

MGR Integration Solutions GmbH
Stadttor 1
40219 Düsseldorf

+49 (0) 211 / 300 34 65
+49 (0) 211 / 300 32 00

Rothusstrasse 23
6331 Hünenberg

+41 (0) 41 / 798 28 88
+41 (0) 41 / 798 28 89  

MGR Integration Solutions Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wolna 1/41
85-794 Bydgoszcz

T+48 72 8888 531