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Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a heartfelt commitment for us. We consider it our duty to model the principles of respecting human rights, the freedom of information and the conservation of resources every single day. At MGR, we consistently bet on New Work and place great emphasis on the fair treatment of employees as well as partners. We strive to contribute to societal welfare through our entrepreneurial actions and to do business in harmony with nature.  We act in the context of accepted behavior standards at all times and refrain from engaging in business relationships with enterprises that are in gross conflict with our ethical principles as far as their actions are concerned. We are absolutely convinced that sustainability is not a trend but see it as an essential component of our corporate policy. Our focus is on equal opportunity and transparent processes.


Based on our commitment to create fair guidelines for our interactions with staff, business partners and nature. Hence, our business principles are based on thorough considerations. The subject matter of sustainability is one of the core guidelines in everything we do. We develop sustainable solutions for our customers that work for several years and thus offer them genuine added value. We also apply this approach to our staff: as a family-friendly employer we consciously foster the return of women to work. Moreover, we do our share to make the planet greener. We use the natural resources that are available to use with the greatest care and protect our environment by averting contaminants. All of our future-oriented activities aim at our constant improvement.


  • Information security: ISO 27001

  • Quality management: ISO 9001

  • Environmental management: ISO 14001

  • DB AG Code of Conduct: DQS certified

  • Fundamentals of IT Systems for train operations, sustainability and data privacy: HMOCS ITK Cert

  • KRITIS supplementary test process competency for ยง 8a (3) BSIG

  • TeleTrusT - SecurITy made in EU: Member in the Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e. V.