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DB Netz AG

Handling around 4,000,000,000 travelers a year, covering distances of 800,000,000 kilometers on trains, transporting 260,000,000 tons of goods: the railway infrastructure for these mind-boggling transportation services are provided by the DB Netz AG, which also coordinates the railway traffic that occurs on these systems. To ensure smooth traffic management operations, the DB Netz AG deploys IT in conjunction with its control technology.

At MGR, we built new central control technology systems for this project. We are proudly contributing to processes that have a uniquely high level of relevance in Germany. 

New Construction Train Locator System 

Besides the dispatch system, the dispositive train locator system of the DB Netz AG is the most important element of railway operations in Germany. It computes the locations of all trains on the DB Netz AG infrastructure, which comprises virtually all trains in Germany. This applies to both, the control technology of the DB Netz AG as such and the control technology of its customers. The system is a real time high load system that imposes serious demands with regard to stability – after all, interruption free processes are essential so that the complex system can keep running with virtually no disruptions. 

Upon conducting thorough vulnerability analyses of the existing system, during which the requirements were redefined and documented, MGR developed a new system from the ground up and replaced the old system with a completely updated new build. The newly implemented train locator system offers the following advantages:

  • It was developed and built on the basis of modern technology platforms and is now congruent with the latest state of the art.
  • The functional data model has been revised and completed. All message formats have been standardized and are now on par with the functional data model. 
  • The operator interfaces have been updated and are now easy to learn.
  • The change costs were reduced as a result of automated and functional tests so that the system can be adapted to new requirements. 
  • At MGR, we keep instances to be used for technical and functional tests available for the customer.
  • Based on a commission by us, our partner Rhein-Ruhr Systemtechnik GmbH provides a test control center so that the interactions between the dispositive train locator system and the operational systems can be tested.
  • We train the functional and technical operators in standardized seminar modules. 
  • We provide maintenance as well as 2nd and 3rd level support within a 24/7 service level.
  • We provide the expert opinions required pursuant to IT SiG on the state of the art and the accepted rules of technology based on the recommendations of the TeleTrusT.

Thanks to these innovations and our service, the customer’s critical system is turned into a modern, serviceable system that meets the critical infrastructure requirements pursuant to the IT SiG mandates.

New Daily Schedule Derivation for Route Accounting

The DB Netz AG generates its revenues by providing route services, for which it bills its customers based on the commercial train schedule and concise daily accounting. To make this possible, it must be determined precisely for each day which trains are traveling in Germany in which configuration and on what routes. 

The daily schedule derivation we built provides this highly complex computation tool for the DB Netz AG. It is a functionally complex system that analyzes the commissioned travel schedules in real time without interruptions and subject to high availability and prepares them for billing.  Moreover, MGR services the system in 2nd and 3rd level support, maintaining a 4/7 service level.

At MGR we are proud to have built and successfully rolled out this commercially extremely important system for the customer. 

Digitization of Short Term Schedule Orders for Transportation Services 

Due to the digitization of logistics processes and measures aiming at the better utilization of route capacities, short term orders – especially of the routes used for the transportation of goods – have significantly increased in recent years. This resulted in overloads of the existing business process for short term schedule orders of transportation services. 

The analysis of the existing processes made it possible to build and roll out a system that digitizes the previously hard copy based, sometimes manual business process and thus greatly reduces the transportation service workload. At the same time, the paper consumption could be reduced substantially. 

System FPLO-DB4, which was developed by us, provides transportation services with ad hoc schedule orders in a dependable and easy to navigate manner and has thus greatly improved the overall quality.  We run an operational instance of the system on our cloud infrastructure that is integrated into the customer’s system landscape. Thanks to integrated measuring mechanisms of important KPIs, the volume and quality of the schedule orders are measured and controlled. 

MGR is proud to say that we have analyzed and built this model of an all-around successful digitization undertaking. 

New Construction Operational Data Distributor  
After the rollout, the operational data distributor of the DB Netz AG will transfer more than a billion messages per day to customers and in-house recipients. 

Hence, the system is a high performance system that has been designed and built under stringent provisions with regard to availability, scalability and flexibility on the basis of state of the art technologies. The system will replace the existing interfaces for the transfer of messages in compliance with the UIC as well as the TAF/TAP standards.

The team at MGR is proud to say that it has successfully implemented the new construction of this system.


Leder & Schuh AG

Leder & Schuh AG is the Austrian market leader in shoe retail and is also successful in the neighboring Southern European countries. 

We have modernized the connection of the check-out systems of the around 400 stores to the central merchandise management system. To achieve this, we analyzed the upstream and downstream interfaces between the check-out systems and the central SAP ERP and newly implemented it on the basis of modern middleware sourced from TIBCO.

At MGR, we accompanied the successful rollout and are proud to have been able to support Leder & Schuh AG with this business critical connection.



EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is one of Germany’s largest three energy utilities. 

As the winners of a pan-European tender, we are now handling the maintenance and support of the EnBW’s TIBCO Microservices, ensuring a 24/7 service level.

MGR is proud to have gained another operator of critical infrastructure with EnBW as a customer.


F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG is the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporation. Besides its core business – medications – it also produces reagents and medical examination equipment.

For the management of its clinical studies, the Roche Pharmaceutical Division operates international as well as companywide business processes. We have made contributions to the development of interfaces in the Clinical Trial Management segment and are currently working on the analysis and optimization of complex international master data management processes. These are particularly important for the selection and allocation of research institutions for clinical studies.