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Our partners at a glance

Integration platforms: TIBCO
Security, safeguarding of interfaces, API gateway and API management: Axway
Databases: Oracle
User interfaces: QT
Frontend concentration: Weytec
Testing for security technology: Rhein-Ruhr-Systemtechnik GmbH
Services: DXC

Cooperation Details

TIBCO Software

TIBCO builds integration platforms that are virtually ever present in especially the telecommunications, banking, transportation and utilities sectors. As “The Information Bus Company,” TIBCO delivers, among other things, messaging platforms, application servers,  as well as reporting tools the performance of which is legendary and that Gartner regularly rates in the top 25.  TIBCO also offers sector specific solutions. We are very proud to report that we have been partnering with TIBCO for almost 20 years. We contribute our know-how and skills to this partnership, based on which we develop customer specific solutions with TIBCO products. Hence, we are an integration, OEM and reseller partner of TIBCO products.


Your IT infrastructure security should be implemented on the basis of established platforms without any compromise, ensuring that their security is documented in relevant certificates and that is constantly updated to protect against new threats. Axway builds scalable platforms that organize, document and safeguard interfaces accessible from the exterior in your system landscape. We have been collaborating with Axway API Gateway and API Manager for more than five years and are Axway integration partners as well as resellers.


DXC is one of the world’s largest and leading system integrators for the organization and handling of complex IT projects, especially in the public sector. As a primarily American company, DXC works in the international context. We are cooperating with DXC in a partnership to handle international projects in the logistics sector. 

RRS Rhein-Ruhr-Systemtechnik

RRS is fledgling enterprise that emerged from a program funded by the German Railway System as a start-up. RRS boasts excellent know-how in the planning, development and operation of signal box technology and supports us with test settings in its experiment and training plant Bochum Langendreer. Moreover, we develop systems on the interface between security technology and control technology of the Deutsche Bahn with RRS.


Weytec is an established market leader in the KVM integration segment. We install KVM solutions sourced from Weytec to build integrated workstations for scheduling and ride operations to make all important information available to the user in a compact format.